1. BulletReserve your space ahead of time, especially during Holidays & Hurricanes.

  2. BulletBe sure to bring proof of up-to-date vaccinations for all pets. If you are unsure about your pet's vaccination status, contact your veterinarian well before boarding.

  3. BulletTo help your pet settle comfortably, in his new environment, don't feed him just before coming to the kennel.

  4. BulletAllow your pet to relieve himself before bring him into the building.

  5. BulletInform our staff of any medical, dietary or other conditions that need special attention. Provide written instructions.

  6. BulletInform our staff of any behavioral problems such as aggression, nervousness, ability to climb, etc.

  7. BulletAdd to your pet's comfort by bringing a familiar bed or toy. These items should be able to be laundered.

  8. BulletLabel any supplies you leave with your pet.

  9. BulletYour pet is tuned in to your emotions. Help him adjust quickly to his stay by speaking in an upbeat, cheerful tone of voice when you drop him off - Tell him he's going to enjoy his stay - and he probably will.

  10. BulletGoing home often makes pets extra thirsty, so offer your pet a generous amount of water as soon as you get home from the kennel.

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